Outside The Box

I would love to hear HOW YOU USE InYourOwnTime, how it helps you, the insights you are gaining and the links you are making in your own puzzle.

Thank you for sharing!

“I take out a random postcard from IYOT and sit it on the table to reflect on it for the day…It is helping me to write my journal too which is turning into a bit of a life story and just this week I am starting to feel something inside me shift; beginning to learn about my true self; where I have come from and how I have been put together so far. So thank you. My friend is loving her copy too.” Bev W. (UK) – January 2018

“My favourite card is ‘a complete puzzle is no longer a puzzle’. For me, that means freedom and it is helping me to enjoy every moment of my life.  Solange Cross understands the true impact of deep thoughts and, with InYourOwnTime helps you get to your own solutions.  The only limit on how to use IYOT is one own’s creativity.  Just try and feel for yourself what it does to you.” Stephanie S. (Germany) – September 2013

“InYourOwnTime has been a practical way of thinking through different issues. Life is a puzzle. IYOT may not solve your daily life puzzle but it helps you to reflect and organise your priority of what you want, need and must do.  I highly recommend it.” Patricia A. (USA) – May 2013

“To me, InYourOwnTime is a book for life. Its power is in the fact that it is relevant to all, that it will have a different meaning for each person, and that it will have a different meaning each time the individual revisits it, so enhancing their wellbeing. It even made me cry, not because of sadness but because of the depth and strength of inner understanding it allows.” Barbara S. (UK) – January 2012

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