The world is rich with CLUES on how to make the most of our lives.  There are MESSAGES all around us on:

  • How to become successful
  • How to nurture a healthy body
  • How to realise our dreams
  • How to form positive relationships
  • How to assert ourselves in the workplace
  • How to handle our fears
  • How to attain inner peace, etc.

And these MESSAGES come beautifully packaged to suit every need and preference, in all SHAPES and SIZES.  They are SHAPED as books, films, songs, people, relationships, new findings, old sayings, therapies, art, technology, etc.

So WHY do so many of us struggle so much and for so long without being able to get ‘it’?  Why do we get the feeling that life is yet to present THE RIGHT PIECE to FIT our story?

If only we could find that LINK, that ‘one’ thing…

InYourOwnTime proposes that no single book, person, possession, fact, event, song, experience, relationship, will ever be ‘it’ and that you will be forever disappointed if you kept searching for ‘it’ in isolation.  What would happen is that you would soon dismiss ‘it’ when you find that ‘it’ does not fit all your GAPS.

InYourOwnTime  challenges you to consider LIFE as a jigsaw puzzle, made up of MANY differently shaped, all equally IMPORTANT PIECES that fit into your perfect picture when LINKED TOGETHER.

Moreover, InYourOwnTime aims to remind you that what makes YOUR important PIECES meaningful is not just because they come in the RIGHT SHAPE FOR YOU, but because YOU CHOOSE them and YOU MAKE THE LINKIn Your Own Time!