Inside The Box

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InYourOwnTime challenges you to consider LIFE as a jigsaw puzzle made up of MANY, differently shaped, all equally IMPORTANT PIECES that fit into a perfect picture when LINKED TOGETHER.

InYourOwnTime is presented as puzzle metaphors to help you gain insight into:

– the way that life unfolds and the part we play in it

– the importance of being present and appreciating each step in life’s journey

– the synergy of seemingly random events and everyday life dilemmas

The insights you gain through InYourOwnTime will always be personal to YOU because the interpretation of each metaphor may change according to your current life situation, the answers you are seeking, the problems you are solving or the decisions you are making.

InYourOwnTime may be used and interpreted at random, for guidance, for inspiration, for sharing… when you are ready… at the right time…

In Your Own Time

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